Where am I, who are you?

I’m Alex! I’m a writer! I was born and raised outside of Providence, Rhode Island, where I picked up a healthy amount of East Coast charm (I’m walkin’ here, etc) and a taste for salty air. I recently graduated with my MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults1 from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, which is a pretty cool place if you’re into that kinda thing2.

Now, I live and work from Portland, Oregon with a friend of mine who is a successful YA author3. It feels weird to name drop him here, though. If you really want to know, check the footnotes.

I started this Substack as a way to reconcile my nostalgia for essay writing and interest in pursuing my own career as a children’s novelist; basically, I want to write fiction, but I don’t want to stop writing nonfiction. Hence: Substack. Best of both worlds!

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If you like reading long-winded analysis of popular children’s books, writing craft4, or whatever else I’m fixated on that week, this Substack is for you!


Yes, if you scroll down on this page, there is a video of me talking up the program. No, I did not realize that interview would be immortalized on the website for years to come. Yes, I look like a baby and yes, I do still have that shirt.


Ask me about my other opinions on higher education.


Aiden Thomas, NYT bestselling author of CEMETERY BOYS; LOST IN THE NEVER WOODS; and THE SUNBEARER TRIALS (sequel forthcoming Sept ‘24).


I mean, I do have that nifty little MFA, which certifies me to teach. So, this is kind of an educational newsletter, if you think about it.

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